Alexe de Vassal

15/4/1910 - 27/11/2006

Record updated 15-Apr-20

The last prince of motoring in Romania, Alexe de Vassal was a descendant of a Count of de Vassal. He was the honorary deputy chairman of ACR and dedicated his whole life to promoting motor racing and sporting aviation. 

Alexe de Vassal

His father, a well known public figure of the first half of the century, and who was once chairman of General Motors in Romania, got Alexe a driver’s license when he was just 15. 

Alexe Vassal was part of the golden generation of the Romanian motor racing between 1930-1939. His last competition was with Petre Cristea in the Monte Carlo Rally of 1938.

After the war, he brought to public attention the tradition of the Romanian motor racing and actively supported the creation, in 1948, of the Romanian Federation of Motor and Motorcycle racing – FRAM). In 1960 he was among the founders of the Romanian Car-drivers Association and in 1967 he contributed to the resuscitation of Automobil Clubul Roman which has brought together all the various elements of motoring and racing in Romania.