Mauri Rose

Mauri Rose was an engineer and race car driver who won Indy three times, 1941, 1947 and 1945. He worked at the Allison aero engine factory near the Indianapolis Speedway. In May each year, he could be seen leaving the factory at lunchtime, sandwich box tucked under his arm, returning to his drawing board an hour later, having practiced and qualified for the Indy 500 during his break!...continue reading

Felice Bonetto

Known as 'The Pirate', Bonetto was a fearless competitor who took no prisoners and was possessed of so much courage that some of his racing exploits placed him in the category of the foolhardy....continue reading

Pedro Rodriguez

Rodriguez never complained. He never asked for tree lined circuits to be modified or rain threatened races to be cancelled. He wasn't fussy or plagued by a huge ego, he just went as fast as he could in any car that he was given to drive....continue reading

About Legends

Legends has grown from Friday Chaps which was started by the late Chris Bowen. Over the past few years we worked with Chris to add and contribute to the Friday Chaps stories. Chris had started in F1 with Brabham in 1984 before moving on to Benetton, McLaren, Ligier, Arrows, Toyota, Red Bull, Honda, Brawn GP and in 2010 to Mercedes AMG Petronas. Sadly Chris passed away suddenly in 2020. His knowledge and story telling ability were of the highest order.

Thus in the spirit of proper chaps, our lengends will not neccessarily come from the annals of Formula 1, they will be characters from all the corners of motor sport and the globe. Their one requirement is to be, for whatever reason, good or bad, to have a story worth telling.