Bill Moss

4/9/1933 - 13/1/2010

Record updated 12-Apr-10

Drove ERA R6B "Remus" in club races before trying his hand at F2 with a T51 Cooper-Climax. Entered the British GP in 1959 but failed to qualify. Raced on in historics with the ERA before selling her to the Hon. Patrick Lindsay

Bill Moss
Like many drivers in the Fifties, Bill Moss tried to enter his home Grand Prix. Born in Luton, Bill primarily competed in local races. He made quite a reputation driving the ERA R6B "Remus". Remus was one of the three ERA raced by Prince Bira before the war, the others being Romulus and Hanuman.

In 1959, he got a drive in Formula 2 with the American team United Racing Stable. His best finish that year was 7th place in the London Trophy. Two months later he entered his T51 Cooper-Climax in the British Grand Prix at Aintree. But after failing to appear in qualifying he was not allowed to start.

Bill Moss continued to drive Remus for many years in UK club motorsport and then in historic events before selling her to the Hon. Patrick Lindsay. After Patrick's death the car passed to his son Ludovic.