Herbert Fahrnow

18/1/1903 - 25/5/1981

Record updated 26-Feb-07

American racing driver who entered the Indy 500 on five occasions. He qualified once in 1933 and drove relief once in 1932.

Herbert Fahrnow
Dusty Fahrnow was born in Huntington, Indiana. He first entered the Indy 500 in 1931, failing to qualify his United Club-Duesenberg entered by Leon Duray. That set the tone for most of Fahrnow's appearances at the Brickyard.

He only qualified once in his five attempts though he did drive relief for Joe Huff in the front wheel drive Goldberg Cooper in 1932. He qualified the following year once again in a front wheel drive Cooper (not linked to the English Cooper marque). Unfortunately he went out with engine problems.

He made two more attempts to qualify but was unsuccessful.

He died in Contra Costa, California in 1981.