Luigi Bellucci


Record updated 19-Mar-20

Bellucci was an amateur driver from Italy who mainly raced Maserati voiturettes.

Luigi Bellucci Bellucci was an amateur driver from Italy who mainly raced Maserati voiturettes.

After the war he raced Lancia Aprilia specials and Maseratis A6GCS until the late 50s. He scored a number of successes in local hillclimbs and Italian road races.

He was the 1500 Italian National Championship in 1939

His most significant results were a 3rd in the 1948 F2 Naples Grand Prix with his Lancia Aprilia Special, 3rd again in the 1954 Sportscar Naples Grand Prix in the Maseratis A6GCS and a fourth place in the Targa Florio that year.

The Maserati factory entered a  Maserati Tipo 200SI in the 1956 Naples GP and later in the Mille Miglia for Bellucci who was running well until forced to retire with thoroughly soaked and ineffective brakes, an experience not uncommon in 1956’s rain-soaked event. Bellucci also undertook some testing for the Maserati factory.

In 1959 Maserati, in deep financial crisis, had not decided what to do with the T60. Bellucci therefore bought a prototype WRE and raced it in Messina. He subsequently purchased from Wadsworth the rights to build the car. At the same time he purchased three existing chassis. Three 4-cylinder engines were ordered from Maserati and Colotti designed and built a 4-speed gearbox, serial T16. However only the prototype, upgraded with the new engine and gearbox and a second example were completed. Boffa won the 1960 Naples Grand Prix and Bellucci the local Agnano hillclimb, for the new team Sporting Club Autonautico set up to race these cars and the powerboats of a few of Bellucci's friends.

Meanwhile Maserati had built a few T60's. The T60 was much faster than the WRE so Bellucci and Boffa bought two examples and the WREs were hired out.