David Parsons


Record updated 17-May-07

David Parsons
A dairy farmer from Tasmania, David Parsons burst onto the scene in the early 80s driving a Torana club car on his home tracks. He then moved up to a Holden Commodore for the 1982 Australian Touring Car Championship, and soon was one of the regular front runners.

It wasn’t long before the Holden Dealer Team snapped him up as a co-driver in the endurance races, and in 1987 he won his first Bathurst, the same day the late and great Peter Brock won his 9th and last.

Brock and Parsons had started the race in 05, but struck trouble, so they then took over their second VL Commodore which Peter McLeod had started in with Jon Crooke. They finished third, but then won the race some four months later on appeal after the first two Ford Sierra’s were found to be illegal. They way the race finished will always overshadow the great drive by Skippy, who was quickest driver on the day of the winning car.

After leaving the motorsports in 1989, David is now running in the Commodore Cup Series after a long break with some back problems.