Takashi Yokoyama

0/0/1972 - 19/10/1997

Record updated 04-Apr-07

Takashi Yokoyama starting racing in 1993 in Japanese Formula Ford 1600. Moving quickly through the ranks he entered British F3 just two years later. Back in Japan in 1997 he was killed in an horrific crash at Mt Fuji in the penultimate race of the season.

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Takashi Yokoyama starting racing in 1993 in Japanese Formula Ford 1600. The following year he moved to the United Kingdom entering the British Formula Vauxhall Championship with Martin Donnelly Racing.

Following his rapid progrssion he graduated to Class B in the British Formula 3 series in 1995, driving a 1994 Dallara F394 Toyota for TOM’s to runner up spot in his class. In the Formula 3 Autumn Cup Race, he drove a Class A Dallara finishing a fine third.

Yokoyama stayed with TOM’s in 1996, competing in Class A. However his results were disappointing and he returned to Japan at the end of the season.

With limited options for 1997, Yokoyama signed to drive in the Japanese Formula 3 series for Dome. Unfortunately as the teams second driver he had to be content with a year old Dallara F396. In the first eight races, Yokoyama only scored a ninth, a thirteenth and a fifteenth place. He had three retirements and one aborted start. Then at the penultimate race of the season tragedy struck.

Tom Coronel had already secured the title but was still hungry for more wins. He jumped into the lead at the start but at the second corner he was tagged by Wakisaka under braking. Wakisaka’s Dallara executed was launched into the air and executed a double roll and landed partly on Coronel’s car. Both cars ended up in the gravel and fortunately both drivers walked away uninjured.

The safety car was deployed however Takashi, who had started the race from seventeenth place, didn't notice the field slowing down and came upon the pack travelling at about 160 mph (257 kph). Takashi's Dallara hit another vehicle and was launched into the air, crashing into a gantry carrying an electric signboard five-meters (16.5 feet) above the main straight. The car disintegrated scattering debris over five hundred meters and killing Yokoyama instantly. The race was cancelled.