Eusebio Carmelo Marcilla

16/7/1914 - 15/3/1953

Record updated 16-Nov-09

Much loved Argentinian racing driver who was often criticised in the press due to his opposition to the Perón regime. He was killed in a Turismo Carretera race in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Eusebio Carmelo Marcilla
Eusebio Carmelo Marcilla was born in Junín, Argentina. He started racing in 1939 finishing fourth in his first race. He won his first race in 1941, the 12 Hours of Rafaela, despite stopping numerous times to help other drivers that had been involved in accidents. This earned him the title of "El Caballero del Camino" (Gentleman of the Road).

He was one of the most loved racers in Argentina. However the Argentinean press were hostile to him due to his opposition to the regime of Juan Domingo Perón who was President of Argentina between 1946 to 1955.

In 1940 he stopped to rescue the Galvez brothers after they crashed into a ravine and in 1948 he stopped to help Fangio in the GP of Caracas and would have won had it not been for the delay he incured.

In March 1953 he was racing a Chevrolet in the Vuelta de Santa Fe, a Turismo Carretera race, when he crashed fatally. On the paved section between Rafaela and Santa Fe there was a 90 degree corner that was not corrctly marked on his map. He was going too fast, using a four speed gearbox for the first time. His brakes failed to slow him down and he crashed into a concrete post on the outside of the bend. The car was almost cut in half. Jorge Orduna stopped to help but Marcilla died on the way to hospital. Miguel Salem his co driver survived, amazingly unhurt.

A gentleman on and off the track he represented his city of Junin.