Friedrich Glatz

21/7/1943 - 14/7/2002

Record updated 21-Jul-20

Friedrich Glatz raced under a number of names: Pierre Chauvet, Umberto Calvo, Frederico Careca and James Bald. He was killed racing a 1996 Arrows Cosworth F1 car in the Euro Boss Series at Most.

Friedrich Glatz
Friedrich Glatz was born in Vienna, Austria. A Viennese industrialist, he loved racing even more than he enjoyed a good business deal.

He started racing in 1977 and competed under a number of 'nom de volant' over the years: Pierre Chauvet, Umberto Calvo, Frederico Careca and James Bald.

In 1982 as "Pierre Chauvet" he made his debut in the European F.2 Championship, driving a Maurer-BMW.

Later racing as "Federico Careca", he focused on the Interserie sportscar championship driving the ex-Indycar HSB-Penske PC18-Buick Turbo, before acquiring in 2001 an Arrows F.1 1996 chassis to compete in EuroBOSS events. This was initially fitted with a 3.5-litre Nissan V12 engine, but in 2002 he opted for Ford-Cosworth V8 power and was immediately on the pace. He qualified second at Most for what was to be his final race.

He was leading the race when he hit the kerbs at the fast chicane at the end of the start/finish straight at an odd angle. The car somersaulted and was completely destroyed. Glatz was killed at the scene. According to some reports, Glatz's car approached the chicane at an unusual trajectory as he had just overtaken a backmarker. Medical staff swiftly attended the scene but he had suffered serious neck and chest injuries. He was taken to Most hospital in a coma. He died at 5:07pm local time.