Nicolás Vuyovich

29/6/1981 - 8/5/2005

Nicolás Vuyovich

Vuyovich was a young sportscar driver who died in a plane crash returning from his first win in the Turismo Nacional.

Nicolás Vuyovich died 17 years ago, he was 24 , He would have been 41.

Nicolás Vuyovich was born in Orán, Salta  Argentina and was a young sportscar driver. Vuyovich died the same day he clinched his first win in TC2000 series at the wheel of Toyota Corolla. He died in a plane crash in Córdoba while returning from San Juan together with his team manager and other passengers.

He was a successful kart racer and had won his class in the Turismo Nacional in 2000. A few weeks before the place crash, he had tested a British Formula 3 car at Pembrey track where after one day with the car he lapped 8/10ths quicker than the best lap of James Coutney, runner up in the F3 Championship and a Jaguar F1 test driver.


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