Nobuhiro Tajima


Record updated 22-Jul-07

President of the Suzuki Sports Company "Monster" Tajima started in rallying but found his true calling in the massive hillclimbs at Pikes Peak and the Race to the Sky in New Zealand, a race he has now won eight times!

Nobuhiro Tajima
Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima has the outward appearance of a professional football or rugby player. He is one of the best drivers in the world in the sport of rally and hill-climbing.

Tajma is from Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. He began driving at the age of eighteen in local Japanese trials and rallies. Over the years, Tajimas reputation of agressive, but stylistic racing, became legandary in Japan. Put that together with his stature of six feet tall and you understand where the nickname "Monster" came from.

A record-setting race driver, Tajima represents the Suzuki Motor Corporation competing in major hill climb racing events held around the world. Tajimas association with Suzuki has been on-going since 1986 when he established the Suzuki Sports Company, a company that designs and builds high-performance equipment for Suzuki vehicles.

In 2005 he won the Silverstone "Race to the Sky King of the Mountain" title in New Zealand for the sixth time, almost equalling his own 8 min 10 secs record, set in 2003 and in 2006 he won again this time setting the record at 8 min 01 secs.

He also won the Pikes Peak Hill climb in 1993 and 1995 and in 2006 took overall victory again in his Suzuki Grand Vitara.

In 2007 he took yet another win in the "Race to the Sky" in New Zealand, his eigth win in total and his fifth in a row and on July 21st he won Pikes Peak for the fourth time.

Pikes Peak is America's second-oldest car race amd is in its 85th year. Only the Indianapolis 500 is older. Tajima set a new hill record of 10 minutes, 1.408 seconds, a record that he now wants to lower below 10 minutes.

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