Ferdinando Righetti
6/6/1911 - 0/7/1966

Born in Moderna, Righetti was a test driver for Stanguellini and Ferrari.

Ferdinando Righetti died 55 years ago, he was 55


Ferdinando Righetti was from Moderna in Italy. He came from  good family, and started racing in the 1930's in a Stanguellini Fiat. He was personal friends with both Vittorio Stanguellini and Enzo Ferrari and ended up as a test driver for both marques. He was responsible for most of the testing of the  Ferrari 125S, Enzo's first propper Ferrari.

Though he was very professional and consistent he never really showed the speed and technical knowledge which you would expect from a driver in such a position.

Righetti was very elegant, always impeccably dressed in white overalls and a silk scarf. He came to prominance in the Grand Prix di Modena in 1936 when he finished second in a beautifully prepared (by Stanguellini) but outdated Maserati 4CS.

He became a works driver Scuderia Ferrari but only in sports cars and also drove for Alfa Corse. In 1939 he won the Targa Abruzzi.

He drove for both Stanguellini and Ferrari in 1947, winning the Circuit of Piacenza for Stanguellini, and he drove for Ferrari in 1948. He returned to Stanguellini in 1949 and later became the President of the Automobile Club Modena. He then drove for Maserati.

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