Paul von Metternich-Winneburg

26/5/1917 - 29/9/1992

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Paul von Metternich-Winneburg
Paul Alfons Prince von Metternich-Winneburg was born in Vienna, Austria. He was the son of Klemens-Wenzel Prinz von Metternich-Winneburg and Isabel de Silva y Carvajal and was a grandchild of Prince Clemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich Winneburg, the Austrian state chancellor. He married Princess Tatiana Wassiltchkov, daughter of Prince Hilarion Wassiltchkov and Princess Lydia Wiazemsky, on 6 September 1941.

He was a racing driver and president of the AVD and the world automobile federation (FIA) from 1975 until 1986.

He was the last in the line.