Dries van der Lof

23/8/1919 - 24/5/1990

Record updated 10-Mar-08

Van der Lof was a wealthy industrialist who competed in the Dutch Grand Prix in 1952.

Dries van der Lof
Van der Lof was a wealthy industrialist from Haaksbergen where he had a factory manufacturing electrical cable. He was a founder of the Dutch Racing Drivers' Club who took part in both circuit racing and rallies in the Netherlands in the early fifties.

When the Dutch Grand Prix was given championship status in 1952, the organisers arranged for Dries and fellow countryman, Jan Flinterman, to take part. Van der Lof drove one of John Heath’s HWMs, but due to magneto trouble, much of his race was spent in the pits.

Dries continued to take an active interest in motor sport maintaining an extensive car collection and racing a Maserati 250F in historic events as late as the 1980s.