William H Pitt

18/3/1925 - 28/3/1992

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William H Pitt
Blackie Pitt of Rocky Mount, North Carolina began racing in NASCAR's Modified Division in 1950 at Wilson, North Carolina. In 1954 he moved up to the Grand National Division and sometimes participated in the Short Track Series. Despite beginning the 1954 Grand National 7 races into the season, Blackie finished 11th in points and was selected as "Rookie of the Year". His best finishes were 6th at the Southern States Fairgrounds in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Corbin Speedway, Corbin, Kentucky. Both of those races were run in a 1954 Oldsmobile owned by Gary Drake. Blackie drove both Plymouths and Oldsmobiles during the 1954 season. Blackie opened the 1955 Grand National season with 3 top 10 finishes in the first 3 races. He entered 20 of the 45 races that year. His best finishes were again two 6th placed ones, at the Palm Beach Speedway, West Palm Beach, Florida and the Altamont-Schnectady Fairgrounds, Altamont, New York. Oldsmobile was the car of choice for the 1955 season, owned by brother W. W. " Brownie" Pitt. During the 1956 Grand National season Blackie drove Oldsmobiles and Plymouths. Car owners were Ernest Woods and Brownie Pitt. Blackie entered 27 of the 56 races that year. His best finishes were three 8th placed ones, at the Palm Beach Speedway, West Palm Beach, Florida, the Atlantic Rural Expo Fairgrounds, Richmond, Virginia, and the Lincoln Speedway, Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. In 1958 Blackie entered 7 Grand National races. This year he drove a Studebaker Hawk. His best finish was a 10th at the Orange Speedway, a 9/10th of a mile dirt track at Hillsboro, North Carolina. Blackie ended his Grand National career on April 27, 1958 at the Old Bridge Stadium, Old Bridge, New Jersey. In his 81 Grand National starts, Blackie finished in the top 10 19 times. Mostly his brother Brownie Pitt financed his racing participation. Blackie died on March 28, 1992 at the age of 67 in Florida.