Oswald Karch

6/3/1917 - 28/1/2009

Record updated 15-Oct-09

German F2 driver who raced a Veritas in the 1952 German Grand Prix.

Oswald Karch
Born in Ludwigshaffen, Oswald started racing in F2 in the early 1950s on both sides of the iron curtain. Like most of his compatriots, he drove a BMW Eigenbau before switching to a Veritas in 1952, which he raced at Leipzig.

In 1953 he entered the German Grand Prix. Having missed qualifying he found himself on the back of the largest grid in Grand Prix history which saw 34 cars line up to take the start. His race lasted 10 laps, when the engine failed. He suffered similar results in other races that year.

The 1954 season was better, he finished 4th in Dresden, third on Sachsenring (of the 3 classified finishers) and second at Halle-Salle, behind Rudolf Krause. Oswald also raced in Morocco in sports cars, finishing 6th in the 7512000 cc class at the Casablanca 12-hour race driving with Sterzebecker. He retired at the end of the year.

Lived in Steinklingen in Bade-Wurtemberg in the south-west of Germany and had been in poor health for some time.