Jesus Iglesias


Record updated 10-Mar-08

Jesus Iglesias
Jesus Ricardo Iglesias was a very quick Argentinean driver. He dorve a Chevrolet special and was invited to handle one of the works Gordinis in the 1955 Argentine GP. Even though he was more used to the conditions than most of the visiting drivers, he too it seems succumbed to the broiling heat, though he did last some 38 of the 96 laps. He appears to have driven a Maserati into 16th place in the well-supported Buenos Aires City GP, a Libre event held a couple of weeks after his outing in the French car. Thereafter it was back to his Chevrolet special, in which he earned some glory by taking second place in the 500-mile race at Rafaelo in 1956. Two years later he achieved fame of a kind by contriving to collide with Stirling Moss on the opening lap of the Buenos Aires Libre GP. The first heat of the race was started in wet conditions and Iglesias powered from the back of the grid, braking far too late for the first corner. He ran at unabated speed into Moss's Cooper, sending the little machine some three to four feet into the air before it shot off the circuit towards a crowd of photographers. Both cars were hors de combat, but fortunately no one was hurt, though had this unpleasant incident had more serious results Iglesias may have gained worldwide notoriety.

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