Ulrich Bigalke

1/7/1910 - 12/8/1940

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Born in Essen, Bigalke studied in Berlin-Charlottenburg for an engineering's degree. He came to sudden fame when he entered a 2000 km race in 1934 in a 1 litre Fiat Ballilla sports car and won. In the summer of 1935, Bigalke joined Auto Union as Willi Walb's assistent. He also drove a 2-liter Audi in local races. He made himself generally useful to the team doing the travelling arrangments, reservations, being a truck driver, timekeeper, pit helper etc. He made all of Auto Union's racing reports, which served as information for the firm's management. His hobby was photography and he made two films about the team both in 1936 and 1937. He worked as assistant engineer in chassis and brake research. His ability as a race driver was noticed at the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup as he made some competitive lap times when he had to break in the cars. After a test drive he was selected as reserve for the 1938-39 seasons. His only start for the team was the 1939 Eifelrennen as the team prefered Meier as driver. In Italy the ladies called him "Vesuvio". At the war Bigalke joined Luftwaffe and died during the Battle of Britain.

Info supplied by Hans Etzrodt