Giordano Aldrighetti

0/0/1905 - 12/8/1939

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Giordano Aldrighetti gained an International reputation as a motorcycle racer on a 4 cylider Gilera in TT races before turning to cars. He made his debut as Voiturette driver for Alfa Corse at Tripoli 1939 where he retired. He was also a DNF at Coppa Ciano with gearbox troubles. In 1939 the Coppa Acerbo, Pescara, held on its traditional mid-August date, came a fortnight before the outbreak of war and the Germans stayed away. It was an unhappy weekend as Giordano Aldrighetti and Catullo Lami were killed in separate accidents. During Friday practice, Aldighetti had a heavy crash, the car was destroyed in flames while the Nando was thrown out. At first it seemed he had survived with only minor wounds but then it was realised that he had in fact received serious internal injuries and he succumbed soon after midnight. Aldrighetti's Alfa Romeo team mate Clemente Biondetti won the race, one of the last to take place before the war.