Frank Croker

0/0/1878 - 22/1/1905

Record updated 19-Jun-07

Frank Croker
Croker was testing his car (a Simplex) on Ormond Beach when a motorcyclist swerved in front of his car. In avoiding the cyclist, Croker lost control of his car, which rolled many times into the water.

His riding mechanic, Alexander Raoul, was thrown from the car, which landed on top of him, killing him instantly; Croker survived the day, but died the next morning.

Croker had raced cars, motorboats and motorcycles, and was preparing for fifteen races in Ormond the next week, as well as for powerboat races at West Palm Beach in February.

Croker was the son of Richard Croker, the former head of the Democratic Club, and Tammany Hall. Eight thousand people attended the funeral, including the Mayor and many officials of the city government and the Democratic Club.

Transcribed from the New York Times, Jan. 23, 1905, p. 3