Thomas Cuthbert Harrison

6/7/1906 - 21/1/1981

Record updated 21-Jan-19

Harrison was an extremely enthusiastic amateur driver who raced an ERA C-Type, mainly in national events.

Thomas Cuthbert Harrison
Thomas Cuthbert Harrison was born in Ecclesall, Sheffield. Better known at 'Cuth' he became involved in the motor industry when he opened a small garage (T.C.Harrison) in his home town in 1931. He turned out to be a pretty good salesman and the company grew and still continues with a number of dealerships in the North East.

He started racing in 1937 with a Riley and once the inconvenience of WWII was over, in 1947 he returned to racing still with Rileys. However he also bought ex-Richard Seaman ERA R1B and Earl Howe’s R8B.

He relieved Bob Gerard to finish fourth in that year’s Belgian Grand Prix and was sixth in the 1949 Italian GP with the latter chassis. (Note: The world Championship did not start until 1950)

R8B was then updated to "C" specification and fitted with a Rootes supercharger and in 1950 he entered three world championship GPs. He finished seventh in the very first World Championship Grand Prix at Silverstone but was eliminated at Monaco the following week when he was involved in an opening lap crash at Tabac. He finished second in the non-championship British Empire Trophy on the Isle of Man but had another retirement in the Italian GP at Monza.

He retired from racing to concentrate on his business but contined to drive in the occasional rally and trials, winning the RAC Championship in 1952.

In 1951 he drove a Ford Zephyr in the Monte Carlo Rally finishing 12th and also the Rally Automovel Int. de Lisboa-Estoril crossing the line in 7th.

The following year he finished 4th in the RAC British International Rally with his son Edward once again at the wheel of a Ford Zephyr and 12th in the Monte Carlo Rally.

He drove with his other son, John, in the Rallye International des Alpes in 1956 finishing 7th. His next event was in 1959 at the first running of the Internationale Tulpenrallye (The Tulip Rally) and also the Coupe des Alpes with John.

His final appearance came in 1961 when he finished 6th in the East African still driving a trusty Ford Zephyr.