Nicola Papaleo

15/1/1941 - 0/9/1992

Record updated 15-Jan-07

Younger brother of Domingos Papaleo, Nicola first raced in 1960 in the Mecânica Nacional class. He continued to race on and off until 1980 when he retired.

Nicola Papaleo
Born in the Bela Vista (Bexiga) quarter of São Paulo, Brasil. He started working in his father's (Biagio Papaleo) workshop and first raced when he was 19 in 1960. 

Younger brother of Domingos Papaleo, Nicola was fortunate as his father was both an enthusiast and also a mechanic. Biagio built his race car with a Ford engine. His first races were in the Mecânica Nacional class with along with Biagio (as well as the Mecânica Nacional vehicle built by Biagio, he also had a Bugatti with Ford engine).

In 1961 he opened a proper workshop, in the Pompéia quarter of São Paulo. He was married with two children. In 1964 he raced in the 250 Miles of Interlagos, with a Ferrari/Corvette. He then took a brake of ten years returning in the XI Mil Milhas Brasileiras in 1973, driving a Chevrolet Opala in the over 3 litre Touring Car class partnered by another veteran, Antonio Versa. They finished 7th in class.

In December of 1975, he raced for the first and only time with his brother Domingos in the 25 Hours of Interlagos, where they split the driving of the Ford Maverick number 20 with Uribrando Silveira finishing 9th in the over 3 litre Touring Car class.

A break of another three years followed. He returned to race in Formula VW 1300 where he continued to race until 1980 when he retired.

He died in September of 1992 at 51 years of age.

Translated from the work of Paulo Roberto Peralta