Frank Sytner


Record updated 28-Jun-06

Started racing in 1970, moved into historic car racing in the 1990s. Winner of the BRDC Historic Sports Car Championship in 2001.

Frank Sytner
Frank Sytner  is a successful BMW dealer with a chain of dealerships,  nicknamed Fearless for his uncompromising style on track, he underwent heart bypass surgery in May 2006.

Frank started racing in 1970, driving FF1600, and then progressed through Clubmans, Formula Ford 2000, Touring Cars and into Historic racing. Driving a BMW M3, Frank won the British Touring Car Championship title in 1988 and he also won his class in 1990..

He moved into historic car racing in the 1990s, in both sports cars and historic Formula 1 cars, where he is particularly well known for his exploits in a Penske. In 2001 he won the BRDC Historic Sports Car Championship.

He is the brother of Alan Sytner, former owner of Liverpool's Cavern Club.