Juan Fábregas

0/0/0 - 17/12/1954

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Juan Fábregas
Born in Barcelona, Spain, Juan Fábregas was the brother of Salvador Fábregas, a well-known amateur rally driver who later became president of the R.A.C.E..

He raced and rallied Pegaso, Ferrari and Jaguar cars.

He and his co-driver Francisco Arderiu were killed when they crashed their Jaguar XK120 on the second special stage of the Rallye del R.A.C.E. between Zaragoza and Santander.

Francisco Arderiu was the co-driver for Francisco Arderiu and was killed along with Francisco when they crashed during the second running of the Rallye Nacional de las Bodas de Oro del RACE.

The accident happened on the second stage, a one kilometer hill-climb on the road between Zaragoza and Santander where the first day's competition was due to end. The stage was held in heavy fog which could well have contributed to the accident

They were transferred to the clinic of Dr Soler Roig but with extensive head and internal injuries they both passed away. Dr Soler Roig was the father of Alex Soler-Roig who went on to take part in 10 F1 World Championship Grands Prix in the early 1970s