Oscar Gonzalez

10/11/1923 - 5/11/2006

Record updated 10-Nov-06

Uruguayan racing driver who entered the Argentine Grand Prix in 1956 sharing a Maserati A6GCM/250F with Alberto Uria.

Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Mario 'Bocha' González was a racing driver from Uruguay. A friend of the Argentinean Jose Froilán González and Juan Manuel Fangio, he joined his Uruguayan compatriot Alberto Uria to share the latter’s Maserati A6GCM/250F in the 1956 Argentine Grand Prix. After taking over the car he lapped at a steadily but unspectacular pace, being lapped on a regular basis to cross the line in sixth. Unfortunately unclassified as they were 10 laps off the lead.

González also raced in the Triangular Championship of 1959 in a Ferrari 375.

The date of his passing has recently been updated. Untill November 2006 it was though that he died on Feb 2nd 1999. Nearly everyone including the Uruguayan Motorsport Federation and his wife!