Eppie Wietzes

Eppie Wietzes


One of Canada's most enduring and successful drivers at national level, Wietzes began racing as far back as 1958, and by the early 1960s was a leading sports and GT contender with such diverse cars as AC Cobras, Ford Mustangs and a Ford GT40. In 1967 he hired the third works Lotus to race alongside Clark (pictured left) and Hill in the first World Championship Canadian GP. Switching to single-seaters, he was Canadian FA champion with a Lola T142 in 1969, and again the following year, this time with a McLaren M10. Eppie then became one of the leading privateers on the US F5000 circuit in the early seventies. He won a round at Donnybrooke in 1972 in his Lola T300 and drove superbly in 1974, generally being beaten only by Andretti and Redman. Wietzes ran a hired Brabham in the 1974 Grand Prix, without success, and after the demise of F5000 Stateside re-appeared in Trans-Am. In 1981 he took the CRC Championship with some stylish drives in Garretson Enterprises' Chevrolet Corvette.

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