Lora Corum

Lora Corum

8/1/1899 - 7/3/1949

Won the the 1924 Indy 500 in a Duesenberg without leading a single lap. Corum’s car was taken over by Joe Boyer after 111 laps. Boyer drove 89 laps going on to win the race. Sadly Boyer died in September 1924 in a race at Altoon.

Lora L Corum was born in Jonesville, Indiana and first raced in the Indy 500 in 1922 driving a Frontenac. He went out that year with mechanical problems on lap 169. He returned the following year and drove a Chevrolet brothers prepared Fronty Ford to 5th against tough opposition from the Millers.

In 1924 Corum was teammates with Joe Boyer at Duesenberg. Boyer was doing well in the 500 until his car broke on lap 111. Corum was a few places back in fourth and Fred Duesenberg wasn't happy. He called him in and replaced him with the Boyer. Boyer worked his way up and took the lead on lap 177, going on to win at a record average speed of 98.234 mph. It was the first win for a supercharged car. Traditionally relief drivers did not get credit, but in this case they were awarded the joint win though Corum had not led a single lap. Sadly Boyer died in the September in a race at Altoon.

He went out of the race in 1926 with a cracked block but had a trouble free race at his next appearance in 1930 driving a Stutz for Milton Jones, a Cleveland Sportsman. The 322 cubic inch Challenger 16-value engine performed flawlessly to finish the race in 10th place.

He made his last appearance in 1933 finishing 12th in a Rigling Studebaker.


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